Our solutions include standard and sector specific reports with in-depth microbiome analyses. We can generate these reports starting from any phase of a microbiome study workflow (DNA extraction, quality analysis and high throughput sequencing).

The report, provided as a html document, includes interactive graphs, which allow you to navigate through the results and identify trends of particular importance.

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Produce a comprehensive and detailed report on microbiome profiles.

This service is ideal for professionals working in universities, research institutes, governmental institutions or industry that wish to characterize complex microbial communities across a wide range of subject areas (animal, plant or environmental microbiomes).

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Agriculture and Forestry


Produce a specific report for aquaculture with actionable results.

The report will allow you to assess changes in diversity (as a measure of environmental or organismal health), the occurrence of potential pathogens and beneficial microorganisms in critical control points of the production system (e.g., water supply, newly acquired juvenile fish, production tanks and fish feed).

Prevention should be considered the first line of defense when managing fish disease. Use microbiome knowledge to help reduce the risk of outbreaks and to improve fish health and production rates.

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