What we do

Our goal is to use knowledge of the microbiome to support sustainable development and to provide customised solutions to different sectors.

In order to achieve this, we have developed a challenge-oriented analytical platform integrated with end-to-end services for DNA based microbiome studies, which delivers high quality reports, with actionable results.

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Our Process

Our Process


Experimental Design

We start by learning about your activity sector, analytical question and/or research hypotheses. This allows us to understand and help you with your experimental design and to suggest the ideal methodological strategy in order for you to achieve your goals.


Sample Processing

After receiving your samples, we proceed with DNA extraction, purification and quality checking, finding the best protocol to optimise sample size.



In this step, the DNA of your samples is sequenced using high throughput sequencing technology.



We analyse the high throughput sequencing data and provide standard or sector-specific reports. Our standard report provides a highly detailed assessment of your microbiome samples. Sector-specific reports focus on particular attributes of a system (e.g., pathogens and beneficial microorganisms in aquaculture or agriculture).

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